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Camping in Chillagoe

Camping in Chillagoe   The 'winter of camping' continued last week with a one-night stay in Chillagoe. It's an amazing place to visit, so I thoroughly recommend it to anybody who hasn't been. Located in outback Queensland, the drive from Port Douglas takes about 2hr40 if you don't stop, so we left at about 9am.… Continue reading Camping in Chillagoe

regeneration walk at downfall creek, lake tinaroo
My adventures

Camping at Lake Tinaroo

Camping at Lake Tinaroo   Well I've been pretty absent from my blog for some time because there just hasn't been much going on. However campsites reopened a few weeks ago in Queensland, and with extra time on my hands I have dubbed winter 2020 the winter of camping. It kicked off two weeks ago… Continue reading Camping at Lake Tinaroo

waterfall in the grampians, victoria
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7 Places to visit in Australia

7 Places to visit in Australia   Australian states are mapping out their own timelines for easing lockdown restrictions, with cafes and restaurants set to open soon. Queenslanders such as myself will be given greater freedom to travel further for recreational purposes, amongst other things. Whilst international travel appears to still be a long way… Continue reading 7 Places to visit in Australia

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10 Lockdown Activities for Travellers

10 Lockdown Activities for Travellers   For those of us who suffer from itchy feet and a need to satisfy our wanderlust, lockdown is less than ideal. Many of us have had to cancel trips, or postpone travel plans in favour of staying indoors. It looks like wherever you are in the world, it will… Continue reading 10 Lockdown Activities for Travellers

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The Corona Diaries 3: What will we become?

The Corona Diaries 3: What will we become?   Here is Australia the government have turned to discussing the 'road out' - a gradual return to something resembling life as we knew it. But do you ever wonder what lasting impacts this will have on people? I'm not talking about loss of income or health,… Continue reading The Corona Diaries 3: What will we become?

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A Day in the Daintree

A Day in the Daintree Shortly before Australia went into Lockdown, I had a friend from England staying with me for a week, so I just had to take her to the Daintree Rainforest along with Conor. You may have seen my previous post: 'A lovely day at Cape Tribulation', however there is so much… Continue reading A Day in the Daintree

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The Corona Diaries 2: adjusting to the new normal

The Corona Diaries 2: adjusting to the new normal Well it has now been over a week since I, along with many others, became unemployed. It's hard to keep track of the days, and it feels like it has been much longer. We are adjusting to the 'new normal' and mostly stay inside. I don't… Continue reading The Corona Diaries 2: adjusting to the new normal

My adventures

Sailaway Sunset Cruise Port Douglas

Sailaway Sunset Cruise Port Douglas   Earlier this month, before the Coronavirus pandemic got quite so out of hand, I was lucky enough to go on a sunset cruise with Sailaway, along with my friend Izzy who was visiting from the UK. Having previously enjoyed Sailaway's outer reef day trip, I already knew that they… Continue reading Sailaway Sunset Cruise Port Douglas

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5 Things to do on the first day of your Australian WHV

5 Things to do on the first day of your Australian WHV So you got the visa, you packed your bags, and you said goodbye to your life back home. Now you've stepped off a plane to embrace a new life down under for the next year or more on a Working Holiday Visa. You've… Continue reading 5 Things to do on the first day of your Australian WHV