Natural infinity pool at Davies creek falls, in davies creek national park, mareeba, tablelands, far north queensland.
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Davies Creek Falls

Davies Creek Falls

Natural infinity pool at Davies creek falls, in davies creek national park, mareeba, tablelands, far north queensland.

You may have noticed from my blog that I’m a bit of a serial waterfall chaser. Since I moved to Tropical North Queensland a few months ago, I’ve had more and more opportunities to indulge this. Yet however many breathtaking waterfalls I visit, it doesn’t get any less exciting, and every time I see a photo of another waterfall in the area, I just have to visit. My latest venture was Davies Creek Falls over the weekend.

Davies Creek Falls is located in Davies Creek National park, about 20 minutes south of Cairns, so it took me and Conor about 1hr20 to drive there from Port Douglas. The park is in Mareeba, in the Tablelands, home to many stunning waterfalls. What really attracted me to these falls was the beautiful natural infinity pool, with shimmering deep blue water, surrounded by granite rocks, with unrivalled mountain views. Pure, unobstructed natural beauty as far as the eye can see.

davies creek falls at davies creek national park, mareeba, in the tablelands of far north queensland

It’s worth mentioning that the final part of the drive, after entering the park, is on gravel and washboard surfaces, and the winding track offers twists and turns galore. Conor was driving our trusty Nissan Pathfinder so we didn’t have any trouble; it just requires care and attention. It would probably be accessible by 2WD in dry weather, but I always like the reassurance that we have 4WD if we need it.

When we parked up it was just a short walk (a few minutes) to the lookout where you can see the the waterfall and across the mountains. The view is unreal. If you want to head across to the water, this requires a little bit of climbing over rocks and searching for the best route, but it’s not too difficult, and after a few minutes we made it to the natural infinity pool we’d been searching for. It did not disappoint. To the right, you can see large rocks building upwards into the mountains, with refreshing water idly trickling over. To the left, water dropped from the pool into the depths of the valley below.


Now, if you’ve read my post on my trip to Windin Falls you’ll know that the last time I visited a natural infinity pool it didn’t exactly go to plan. On arrival it was windy, and a storm was brewing, making the water feel uninviting, and building a fear that I would get swept away over the side of the rocks with the rushing water. Now I may have just picked a bad day to visit Windin, so I don’t hold it against the falls. But Davies was a much more pleasant experience. The water flowed more lazily, and there were more rocks surrounding the pool. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a breath of wind in the air, making the pool more attractive. The water was a little cold but it was a sweltering day, so we were glad to cool off for a bit and enjoy a refreshing dip.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long as we’d forgotten to bring sun cream – with me being English, and Conor Irish, this was not good. So we had a quick swim, admired the view, and headed home after an hour or so. However, for those who want to explore further, you can enjoy a scenic walk up the creek and find more rock pools.

We’ve found that the quickest way to get to Mareeba from Port Douglas is north towards Mossman, then south via Julatten and Mt Malloy. So on the way back we decided to stop for a drink at Highlander, recently renamed the Julatten Tavern. I would definitely recommend popping in here if you’re ever passing through, as you can sit outside and enjoy gorgeous mountain views as you sip your drink. It’s also surprisingly affordable – our round came to $12 for one schooner of tap beer and one bottled cider. They also serve food but I haven’t tried it yet.

highlander, or the julatten tavern, queensland

It was a lovely end to a really enjoyable day out. If you love natural swimming holes, I’d definitely recommend Davies Creek Falls. There’s also a campsite just down the road if you want to spend longer in the area.

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