sydney harbour bridge and opera house
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My Travel Goals

My Travel Goals: Visit Every State of Australia

sydney harbour bridge and opera house

As you may have guessed, one of my great passions in life is travel. Therefore it makes sense that a lot of my goals in life revolve around travel, too. Whilst I have a long list of places I’d love to visit, and adventures and experiences that I’d love to have, I also have three major travel goals. One is short-term (I guess within the next 2 years or so), the second is medium-term – maybe in the next 10 years – and the last one is long-term – something I want to do over the course of my lifetime. Here they are…

Visit every state in Australia

Visit every continent

Visit as many countries as possible

This post is about my first, shorter-term goal.

1 Visit every state of Australia

Victoria ✔

Tasmania ✔

New South Wales ✔

Queensland ✔

Northern Territory ✔

Western Australia

South Australia

ayers rock, or uluru, northern territory, australian outback

This is the short-term goal. I’ve been in Australia for 2 years and have made it to 5/7 states so far. When I first came here I flew to Melbourne, Victoria, which became my new home. I loved living there, and was spending all of my money enjoying the big city lifestyle, rather than thinking about more travel. However, eventually I decided it was time to branch out, and me and Conor booked a holiday to Tasmania. We based ourselves in Hobart and hired a car so that we could explore. It was a lovely few days, and Tasmania is a fab place to visit – it’s naturally very beautiful and the people are so friendly. However, if I could do it all over again I’d go for longer and camp at various places around the state.

wineglass bay, tasmania, australia

After Tassie, it was back to my beloved life in Melbourne, but Conor and I were beginning to think about the rural work we needed to do to get our second year visa. So a couple of months later, it was off to Airlie beach, on the Whitsundays coast, making Queensland the third state I visited in Aus. I fell in love with the gorgeous weather and laid-back lifestyle. Yet still I was excited to get back to Melbourne. However, being explorers, we decided to drive down the coast. This took us through some beautiful parts of Queensland (Gold Coast was my favourite), right through New South Wales, where I loved staying in Byron Bay and camping in the Blue Mountains, despite the fact that it was freezing. Finally we returned to Victoria with a little time to spare for some camping on Phillip Island and in Mornington, before returning to Melbourne.

mornington peninsula, victoria, australia

This time I planned to do some more travelling, and began to explore some more of Victoria. When you leave the city, there’s so many beautiful places. The Great Ocean Road and the Grampians both make for lovely camping trips if you want to get out of Melbourne. A couple of months later Conor’s family came over to visit, and we spent 2 weeks visiting some of Australia’s most iconic sights. We started at the Great Barrier Reef, where we stayed in Port Douglas, Queensland. We loved it so much that now we live there. We then went on to Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, which was a new state for us. It made for a fantastic experience, and I’d love to explore more of NT in the future. Finally we went to Sydney, which of course took us back to New South Wales, yet this time we saw the big city rather than the more rural places we’d seen before.

So that just leaves me with Western Australia and South Australia. One day I’d love to do a huge roadtrip of WA, and explore Adelaide in SA before wine tasting in the Barossa Valley. Here’s hoping I can tick off at least one next year!

What travel goals have you set for yourself? I’ve love to hear.



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