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My Travel Goals: Visit Every Continent

My Travel Goals: Visit Every Continent

grand place brussels, belgium

If you’ve read my previous post on travel goals, you’ll know that whilst I have a long list of places I’d love to visit, and adventures and experiences that I’d love to have, I also have three major travel goals. One is short-term (I guess within the next 2 years or so), the second is medium-term – maybe in the next 10 years – and the last one is long-term – something I want to do over the course of my lifetime. Here they are…

Visit every state in Australia

Visit every continent

Visit as many countries as possible

If you want to read my post on my goal to visit every state in Australia, make a cup of tea, settle in, and head this way. This post, however, will focus on my second, medium-term goal.

2. Visit every continent

Europe ✔

North America ✔

South America

Africa ✔

Australasia ✔



It’s definitely a goal of mine to visit every continent, however I was a little slow getting started and it has stalled in the last couple of years. As a child we usually went to the same place on family holidays. I eventually started branching out, until the last couple of years when I’ve stayed put in Australia. But I still hope to achieve this goal within the next 10 years or so – yes, even Antarctica.

So as I was born in England, Europe was ticked off from day 1. As a child, I visited Spain, Wales, and the Spanish island of Gran Canaria on lovely family holidays. When I was 13 I was lucky enough to visit Canada with school on a skiing holiday. I had a fantastic time exploring various parts of the country, but I’d love to go back as an adult. This of course ticks North America of the list, however I would like to explore the states in the future.

After I turned 18, holidays with my friends involved visiting other parts of Europe, such as Greece and Cyprus. After I graduated from university I ventured to Egypt with my sister, which ticked Africa off the list and also made for an exciting place to explore.

When I met Conor, we ended up venturing to various European countries that I hadn’t visited yet. He’s Irish but his parents live in Belgium, so we spent a fair bit of time in both Ireland and Belgium. We also decided to take a cheeky day trip from Belgium to Germany and Holland, because that’s a thing you can just do there. Eventually, two years ago, we left Europe behind to tick Australia off the list, and it’s my favourite adventure so far. Technically I have been to Asia as we stopped in Hong Kong airport on the way over, but it was only for a few hours so I don’t count it. I had planned to go to Thailand this year but it just wasn’t feasible with our ever-changing visa plans. Fingers crossed for next year though! Once Asia is ticked off, South America will be the next grand adventure, before I finally save up for a cruise around Antarctica. I’m giving myself 10 years to visit all seven continents (well, the final three) so hopefully I’ll accomplish this by the time I’m 35 – I’ll let you know!

I’d love to hear about your travel goals in the comments.


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