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Waterfall Circuit – Atherton Tablelands

Waterfall Circuit – Atherton Tablelands

hair flick at millaa millaa falls, atherton tablelands

Surprise surprise, it’s another waterfall post from me. It would seem i’m a little addicted to chasing waterfalls since I moved to a region with so many. But really, what a fab way to spend a day off , heading for these stunning natural swimming spots. So when I heard that there was a waterfall circuit nearby, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Located in the Atherton Tablelands, the waterfall circuit is a 17km loop with three waterfalls: Ellinjaa, Millaa Millaa, and Zillie. There are also a few other waterfalls very close by, so when me and Conor made the trip, we stopped at a couple of them too, because why not?!

Because of the direction we were coming from, we passed Malanda falls on the way to the circuit, so we thought we’d stop to have a look. To be honest, I’d never seen a waterfall quite like it. Although it was quite spectacular to see, the water didn’t look too inviting, and we knew we wouldn’t have time to swim at every stop, so we admired it for a few minutes, snapped a few pics, and pressed on.

malanda falls, atherton tablelands, far north queensland

A short drive later we entered the waterfall circuit and reached Millaa Millaa falls. We found that the car park was pretty crowded, then when we saw that the water was filled with people swimming and climbing, and the banks were covered with people sunbathing. It’s a popular spot and it’s easy to see why. Millaa Millaa is beautiful – there’s just no other word for it. You may have seen it’s previous appearance in a Herbal Essences ad, and it’s also the most photographed waterfall in the Tablelands. The water was a little cold as it was winter, but something about the beauty of the falls makes you want to ignore the temperature and go for a swim anyway. Despite being busy, this is still possibly my favourite waterfall I’ve visited to date.

millaa millaa falls, far north queensland, atherton tablelands

millaa millaa falls, atherton tablelands, queensland

After a refreshing swim, we dried off in the sun and got back in the car to head for Zillie Falls. It’s just 7.5km past Milla Millaa, and can be observed from a lookout near the top, or from the bottom. I’d recommend doing both, as both are just a short walk from where you park the car and this allows you to fully appreciate Zillie’s natural beauty.

zillie falls, atherton tablelands, fnq

The third and final stop on the waterfall circuit is Ellinjaa Falls, where the water cascades over a series of lava columns. There’s just a short walk from the car through the beautiful, tropical greenery that surrounds this stunning waterfall. We chose to stop here and eat some lunch whilst we admired the natural beauty in front of us.

ellinjaa falls

With the circuit completed, we headed home, but we couldn’t resist making one last stop along the way. I’m glad we did, because Josephine Falls was really something special. This tall, tiered waterfall cascades over several levels before reaching the final pool. We decided to swim in the bottom pool, then climb up onto the rocks to enjoy the natural water slide. I must warn you, these rocks are extremely slippery, so getting out isn’t easy. But the natural water slide is too much fun to miss! You can also walk up to a viewing point at the top of the falls, however we decided that we should head home rather than explore further.

josephine falls

josephine falls natural water slide

If you’re a waterfall fanatic like me, you’ll love the Atherton Tablelands, and the waterfall circuit is not to be missed!

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