Natural infinity pool at Davies creek falls, in davies creek national park, mareeba, tablelands, far north queensland.
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End of year thoughts

End of year thoughts

Natural infinity pool at Davies creek falls, in davies creek national park, mareeba, tablelands, far north queensland.

Well there’s just a few more days until the end of 2018. At this time I always like to reflect on the year that’s ending, and consider plans and goals for the new year. I like that i’ll have it written down here to look on when 2019 ends. Maybe I’ll even do monthly recaps next year – we’ll see.

So what I do remember is that at the end of 2017 I could see it so clearly in my head. 2018 was for me to do me. I had two passions in life, and as a result my two goals for 2018 were:

1. Write more

2.Travel more

I was determined to find more freelance writing work, and hopefully quit having a part time job in hospitality. I thought that 2019 might even be the year that I start freelancing full time (Ha, I think this every year and I’m still no closer). I took on a heap more freelance writing work at the start of the year and cut down my bar work to just 3 shifts per week. But I didn’t have a solid reliable income from writing. Of course later in the year I decided to start my own blog, so in that way I accomplished my goal.

ayers rock, or uluru, northern territory, australian outback

I was also determined to travel more, whether it was within Aus or beyond. I kicked off the new year with a Great Ocean Road trip in January with Conor, then the next month we did the Grampians. When his family came over in April we went to Port Douglas, Uluru and Sydney. I had hoped to go to a writers retreat in Thailand at some point this year but it just hasn’t happened unfortunately. We moved to Port Douglas to begin a new life, and the drive from Melbourne to Port was a whole adventure in itself. Once we got here, well there’s so many adventures to be had right here that we haven’t really left.


It’s crazy to think that at the start of 2018 I didn’t know what country I would be living in by the end of the year. I thought that when my Australia visa ran out in September I would go to Thailand, visit home for a month then join Conor in New Zealand where we’d then live for a year or longer. But plans change. I kicked off 2018 at work, bartending. Serving in customers who were celebrating. I hated that job so much and when I look back now I just don’t know why I stayed there so long. So stupid. At the very beginning of the year I’d never even been camping yet on our Ocean Road trip I discovered that it’s one of my favourite things.


To sum up, here were my favourite parts of 2018:

Great Ocean Road trip (January)

Grampians camping trip (February)

Snorkelling in Portsea (February – March)

Port Douglas, Uluru & Sydney with Conor’s family (April-May)

Buying my first car (June)

Moving to Port Douglas (June)

Celebrating my birthday with dinner, cocktails and a sunset cruise (July)

Exploring the many creeks and waterfalls of Far North Queensland (June – October)

Mini break at a friend’s private beach (December)


And here are the worst parts of the year for me…

Working in a job that I hated every second of (January – June)

Not going home to see my family

Leaving my friends in Melbourne (yup even though I was excited to move, it made both lists) (June)

My horrendous hike to windin falls (October)

My Grandma passing away (November)


But it’s now time to look forward to the next year. I have managed to leave hospitality behind and I’m working at a wildlife park which I love. I’m focusing less on writing for clients and more on my blog, which I’m super excited to continue to work on in the new year. I’m living in a beautiful tropical paradise, and actually the first apartment that Conor and I have lived together just the two of us with no flatmates. So it’s looking pretty good. Here are my goals for the new year:

Make sure that I visit England for a month

Renew my Australia visa

Visit my pals in Melbourne

Travel somewhere new (in Aus or elsewhere)

Cut down on my plastic use – save the sea life!

Cut down on food waste

Continue to grow my blog

Start working out again, at least 3 times per week

Shouldn’t be too hard, right? I’m excited to see what this new year will bring. What are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments – let’s chat!


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