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How I’ve Funded 2.5 Years in Aus

How I’ve Funded 2.5 Years in Aus


Hello lovelies, and happy Sunday! It looks like it’s already that time of the week again where I write a new blog post.  This week it’s a more informative one, answering a question that many people wonder about before coming to Australia (or travelling anywhere for that matter). Everyone wonders how they will fund their time here. So here’s how I have funded my time in Australia so far.

spring creek falls hike

First things first, you are supposed to have a certain amount of money in your bank account when you enter Australia. This is determined by what type of visa you are on and where you are from. For me it was AUD $5,000. When I first checked this was around £2,200. However thanks to Britain voting the leave the EU 3 months before I left, I needed £3,500, which I just about managed to scrape together. This was enough to pay for a week in a hostel, a bond and first months rent for a room in an apartment, and lots of drinks, public transport etc. I began work after 2 weeks so it was fine, but I wouldn’t recommend coming with less.

camel farm, auers rock, uluru, northern territory, australia

Both Conor and I have made the majority of our money in Aus from bartending. This is generally pretty easy to find, depending on where you are of course. There are a few differences between bartending in the UK and in Aus, but let’s save that for another time. If you find an employer who follows the rules, you should get paid penalty rates, meaning that you can make a fair bit of money.

hair flick at millaa millaa falls, atherton tablelands

I have also done retail – working for a big supermarket chain actually wasn’t bad. The work was easy, the pay was amazing – actually, what else do you need? I’m currently working in a wildlife park which I’m also loving. I have also made a fair bit of my money here from freelance writing. This can be awesome as you can plan your own timetable and personally I really enjoy it. However it can also be unreliable, which can be an issue if it’s your only source of income. I also signed up to some temping agencies when I first arrived in Melbourne and I was considering doing office work. Whilst I never took any work with them as I found a bar job, they did offer me a few shifts here and there, and I know other who found full time long-term positions through recruitment agencies which they loved.


Conor worked a few shifts as a labourer assembling marquees when he was also bartending in Melbourne. This paid pretty well and whilst the work was physically demanding he enjoyed it. Finally, we both spent a bit of time working for food and accommodation. So technically this wasn’t earning money, but we got to live on a 5 star Whitsundays resort for 3 months and see the Whitsundays for free whilst I worked as a cleaner and Conor worked as a groundskeeper.

natural infinity pool at windin falls, atherton tablelands, far north queensland

So there it is. If you’re thinking of coming over, hopefully this helps to give you an idea of how we’ve funded our time here. Let me know in the comments how you’ve funded your travelling.

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