valentines gifts for travellers
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Valentines Gifts For Travellers

Valentines Gifts For Travellers

valentines gifts for travellers

Hello and happy Saturday! You may be thinking: But Kerry, you post on Sundays, not Saturdays. Well this week is a little different, and no, I probably won’t post tomorrow as well. This week is different because I am taking part in a blog link up with 13 other amazing bloggers. Each of us will post on a different day as a countdown to Valentines Day. Find the links to the other blogs at the bottom of this post for more Valentines fun.

Now I have chosen to write about Valentines gifts for travellers, as I know that personally I love gifts that relate to travel – it is my passion after all. I also know that when you’re on the road, even just a small gift from someone you love can mean so much. I have focused on affordable gifts, because even though I’m sure we’d all love a drone or a round-the-world ticket, most of us just can’t afford those things. So whether your significant other is travelling with or without you, or someone else you care about it on the road, make their day this Valentines.

This post uses affiliate links, this doesn’t cost you anything extra but means I may  make a small % per sale.

So here we go…

Scratch map

scratch map

This is just the loveliest visual reminder of a traveller’s adventures – something they can take with them and hang up on the wall when they get home to make them smile every day when they remember their explorations.

Buy from Amazon

Homesick scented candle

How about a lovely candle with scents to remind them of home or their favourite place that they have travelled to?

Buy from Amazon

World map print passport cover and luggage tag set

Not only are passport covers and luggage tags essentials for travellers, but the world map print is lovely and let’s every know they’re an adventurer!

Buy from Amazon

Instax mini 9 camera

instax mini polaroid

This cute camera will let your loved one take even cuter instant photos of their adventures, which will make amazing little souvenirs when they gets home. Plus it’s a lovely way to make sure that the friends you make along the way always have a little reminder of your time together.

Buy from Amazon

Personalised coordinates bracelet

This pretty bracelet is easy for travellers to wear and take with them wherever they go, and it will always remind them of home.

Buy from Amazon

Adventure scrapbook

This adorable adventure book lets the traveller in your life record their journeys in the prettiest way possible. It’s also something beautiful to look back at in years to come.

Buy from Amazon

If travel is separating you and your loved ones this Valentines day, the most important thing is to tell them you’re thinking of them. I hope you have a fabulous day however you end up spending it. I’ll be back next weekend with a brand new post! xxx

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6 thoughts on “Valentines Gifts For Travellers”

  1. Ahhh what a lovely approach to a Valentine’s Gift Guide! I love the idea of a scrapbook just for all the adventures one takes, might just have to get that for myself this year 😉 An amazing Day 9 for the Countdown girl! xx

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