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Things I Miss About England

Things I Miss About England


As exciting as it is to venture into the unknown and explore fascinating new countries, there will always be things that you miss from home. Some things you’ll completely forget about until someone mentions them, whilst others you will crave. I left England in September 2016, and I will finally return for the first time in August this year. I absolutely love Australia, but there are definitely some things that I’m looking forward to reuniting with (aside from family and friends, obviously). Here are some of the top ones – heads up, most of them are food.


For anyone who lives in, or is from, England – how awesome is Greggs?! For those of you who aren’t familiar, Greggs is a chain of bakeries selling various sausage rolls, pastries, cakes, sandwiches and drinks. Not only is their food delicious, but most things cost between £1-£2, so it’s a super affordable option for food on the go. I miss Greggs and I imagine that one of my first meals when I return will be a chicken bake followed by a steak bake (don’t make me choose!). For any other brits in Aus, have you ever seen those blue and orange car park signs and got excited thinking it’s Greegs, only to be disappointed when you realise it isn’t?

Dominos garlic and herb dip

So Australia has Dominos pizza, and it’s actually cheaper than it is in England, which is weird as most things are more expensive here. However the food just isn’t as good. I can’t wait to tuck into a delicious Dominos complete with garlic and her dip. Dominos is a real treat in England, whereas here I find myself ordering a $5 pizza (ok, that is amazing value) just because I don’t feel like cooking.

McDonalds sausage and egg Mcmuffins

There are pros and cons of both Australian and English McDonalds, but one major thing is that in England the sausage and egg mcmuffins are way better. Australia redeems itself a little since you can get breakfast all day here, and also get it delivered. I don’t know if McDonalds in England deliver these days since I haven’t been there, but either way I can’t wait to get one of those tasty muffins.

Prawn Cocktail crisps

I remembered about prawn cocktail crisps a few days ago and I can not wait to have them again. Why have they not made it to Aus? It’s weird, I’m sure that the Aussies would adore them. There are a few other types of crisps too: cheddars, quavers, skips, Nik Naks. I also just kinda miss calling them crisps, not chips. As well as this list of crisps, there are a few chocolate bars that I’m craving that aren’t available here – I may return to Aus a couple of clothes sizes bigger…

Buying booze in the supermarket

Anyone who’s been to Australia will know that you buy your groceries in the supermarket then leave and go to a separate bottle shop to buy alcohol, with Aldi being the exception. I found this super weird when I first arrived, and I’m weirdly excited to buy booze in the supermarket again – odd thing to miss, I know.


Guys I could waffle on all night, coming up with weirder and more specific things that I miss or am excited for. But I won’t. Instead I’ll end on a big one. A lot of people regularly slag off the NHS but I think it’s really taken for granted. Guys we get FREE HEALTHCARE. I had been in Australia for about a year when I found out that it costs a few hundred dollars to call an ambulance out here, unless if you have ambulance cover. I was shocked to be honest, as I realised what I had taken for granted in England. I mean, I’ve never called one but it was always nice to know that if I needed too I wouldn’t have any financial stress on top of other things. I have also experienced people spending close to $1k to have their wisdom teeth removed, or have an operation, and I can’t help thinking that if I was in their position I would be tempted to just go home for these procedures.

Just to be clear, this post is supposed to be more about appreciating England and home than hating on Aus – as I mention often, I’m in love with this country. There are pros and cons to all places really. What homely items or foods do you guys miss when you travel? Let me know, let’s chat!

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