port douglas sunset
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February Reflection

February Reflection

port douglas marina

Hello, hello, it’s that time of the week again. You may be aware that I decided to do a little reflection at the end of each month – see what I’ve achieved and what I have been up to, whether I’ve got any further towards achieving my goals for the year – things like that. So here is February’s reflection.

swimming pool with floaties in port douglas

My first goal for 2019 was to go home to England for a month – this was booked in January so that’s that. I also wanted to travel somewhere new – again, a trip was booked in January for April/ May and nothing new has been booked due to various reasons. Hopefully I will take another trip this year but I’m not in a position to plan it right now. Another goal was to visit Melbourne, where I used to live, this year, but again I can’t plan that right now.

port douglas lookout

In terms of blogging, I really want to continue to grow my blog this year. Unfortunately I didn’t get as many visitors to my blog in February as I did in January, but onwards and upwards. I did gain a few new followers, so thank you to anyone who has visited and/ or followed my blog!

I wanted to start working out regularly this year – in January I worked out once, but fortunately I have made some progress in that area in February, and worked out a couple of times per week. I still want to work out more often but progress is progress! My final goal was to cut down on food waste and plastic waste and I feel that I have continued to make progress in these areas.

barron falls, kuranda

To be honest when I sat down to write this post I go a little worried thinking that I hadn’t really done anything this month. But then when I looked back, there were a few highlights. On the 1st Feb I visited Barron Falls simply to see it in full flow after recent heavy rainfall, and it was amazing – incredible start to the month. I also visited the wildlife park where I work as a customer so that was a really fun day out.

kangaroo with joey in pouch


Later in the month, I visited Hartley’s crocodile adventures, near Cairns, which was a fantastic day out. I learnt so much more about crocs and really loved all of the tours and presentations – would definitely recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

hartleys crocodile adventures

Conor and I have also visited Spring Creek, one of our favourite swimming spots, a couple of times which has been lovely and relaxing. We have also spent a couple of evenings down by the inlet watching the sun set over the ocean, which is always beautiful and relaxing – sometimes its lovely to embrace the free things in your local area.

port douglas sunset

port douglas sunset

Final highlight was not free – we visited Salsa, our favourite restaurant, for lunch, which was just delightful as always.


In my January reflection post I didn’t have many photos to include, so I’ve taken a few more this month – I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures in this post!

I hope you all had a fabulous February and let’s all hope for an even better March! See you next time!



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