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My favourite Spots in Melbourne

My favourite Spots in Melbourne



It’s that time of the week again where I publish a blog post – yay! Last week I wrote about my favourite spots in Port Douglas where I currently live. Before I lived here I was living in Melbourne for two years, so this week I’ll be sharing some of my favourite places in Melbourne. Now Melbourne is a huge city with plenty of amazing spots for eating, drinking and chilling out. So I’m not saying that these are the BEST places in Melbourne, they’re just places that I personally enjoy.

My favourite hidden bar

Eau de Vie

Melbourne is known for its hidden bars nestled away on inconspicuous side streets all over the city. I made it to a few them, and my favourite is Eau de Vie – it’s location only marked by an old-fashioned black street lamp on the outside. Inside you’ll be treated to incredible service of an impressive range of fancy cocktails.

Favourite rooftop bars

Melbourne is also well known for its range of rooftop bars, where you can enjoy the beautiful city skyline as you sip craft beer or sangria. my two favourites are as follows.

Rooftop bar

Based on Swanston Street, the Curtain House building contains different bars on every level to suit the mood. If you fancy cocktails, go to cookie. For a dance, head to Toff on a Saturday night. Or if you want to enjoy the summer weather and a lovely view, go up to the rooftop.

Naked in the sky

Located in Melbourne’s hipster neighborhood Fitzroy, is Naked for Satan, and it’s rooftop bar called Naked in the sky. It’s a little expensive but the decor is cool, the cocktails are tasty, and the city views and fantastic.

Favourite brunch spot

Yellow Bird

Melbournians adore their brunch, and there’s an amazing range of places to enjoy it. My personal favourite is Yellow Bird on Chapel Street – I love the mouthwatering menu, plus they serve delicious mimosas and bloody Mary’s.

yellow bird cafe, , melbourne

Favourite place to enjoy the sun

St Kilda beach

So it won’t be winning any awards for Australia’s best beach, but St Kilda beach is a fun place to spend a summer day. Sure it’s crazy busy, but that just adds to the atmosphere. Swim, sunbathe, and when the sun goes down watch penguins from the pier. There’as also heaps of bars around to enjoy sunset cocktails at after a long day of relaxing.


Favourite camping spots

The Great Ocean Road

So not technically in Melbourne, but just a few hours drive away the Great Ocean Road has plenty of campsites with beautiful scenery and wildlife.

camping on the great ocean road

The Grampians

Again this one is a few hours drive away, but it’s so worth it for scenic hikes and stunning waterfalls.

camping in the grampians

Favourite evening out

The Victoria night markets

The Victoria markets can be visited during the day, however during the summer and winter months there is a weekly night market, which is well worth a visit. Food trucks serve up delicious street food from all around the world. Bars serve pimms, beer and cider. Local musicians play music, and stalls sell all sorts of things.


Favourite place to shop


Melbourne has some fantastic shopping centres but if you want to find a bargain, DFO is the place to go for outlet stores galore. Plus its located in Southbank so there are lovely bars and restaurants to enjoy lunch, coffee or drinks at with a beautiful view once you finish shopping.

Favourite snorkelling spot


This is a little drive from Melbourne city centre, but I always loved snorkelling in Portsea. The array of corals and sea life is amazing – you may even see a sea dragon! Snorkelling in Portsea was always a welcome break from the busy city life for me.

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