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March Reflection

March Reflection


Congratulations, you have made it through another week, and (almost) another month! Where did the time go?! March has flown by for me. You may be aware that I decided to do a little reflection at the end of each month – see what I’ve achieved and what I have been up to, whether I’ve got any further towards achieving my goals for the year – things like that. So Here is my March Reflection…

Well in terms of my travel goals, no new travel plans have been made but that’t fine. At the end of April I will (hopefully) make my way down to Airlie Beach with Conor to meet his parents, then road trip back up to Port Douglas via Magnetic Island. I’m also going to England for 5 weeks later on in the year, so after that I might look into any other travel plans.

In terms of blogging, my blog hasn’t been growing super fast but that’s ok. Thank you to everyone who is reading my posts! I’m pretty proud that I have managed to consistently post every Sunday too. I have picked up some extra freelance writing work in the last few days so I’m pretty proud of that.

In terms of my workout goals I have managed to keep up regular workouts so I’m pretty proud of that. My final goal was to cut down on food waste and plastic waste and I feel that I have continued to make progress in these areas.


So what have been the highlights of the month?

Conor and I took a sunset cruise on the Lady Douglas –  a boat that takes passengers from the Port Douglas Marina down the Mowbray river looking for crocodiles. We didn’t see any crocs but the scenery was beautiful and we really loved learning about the history of Port Douglas. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the area.

lady douglas at port douglas marina



A few days ago we did another touristy thing and went on a cruise down the Daintree river looking for crocodiles. We saw five crocs including a couple of small ones and some bigger ones and had a great time. The company we went with was Daintree River Cruise Centre and I would definitely recommend booking with them.


croc spotting with the daintree river cruise centre

We also went to the beach for the first time in a while. We just went in the late afternoon and enjoyed a beer whilst we watched the waves. I love living a 5 minute walk from the beach but we were both concerned that we hadn’t been making the most of it. 4 mile beach is so beautiful and I always find it such a relaxing place to be.

four mile beach port douglas

Overall it has been a good month despite the fact that we’ve been seriously trying hard to save money. The money-saving will continue in April but it’s also Conor’s birthday on the 9th. I’m booking a surprise day out and dinner so that should be a lovely day. At the end of the month we have our holiday so I’m excited for that.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely month and have an even better April! I’ll be back next week.


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