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Wildlife Parks in and Around Port Douglas

Wildlife Parks in and Around Port Douglas

As much as I love swimming in creeks and enjoying the natural beauty of the incredible area where I live, I also love visiting the fantastic wildlife parks in the area. Whilst it’s always exciting to spot cassowaries in their natural habitat in the rainforest, or koalas in trees further down the coast, I still quite enjoy the less natural wildlife parks. So today I’m going to talk about a few different ones in and around the Port Douglas area.

Wildlife Habitat, Port Douglas

OK I may be slightly bias because I work here, but the wildlife habitat is fantastic. Featuring native Australian wildlife such as cassowaries, crocodiles and array of birds, it’s a lovely Australian experience. Feed the kangaroos and wallabies, cuddle a koala, and have breakfast with the birds. The tours and presentations that run throughout the day allow you to learn more about the animals, so I would personally recommend taking part in all of them. The crocodile feeding and reptile interaction are my personal favourites, although I would recommend the rainforest tour to overseas visitors to learn about cassowaries.


Hartleys Crocodile Adventures, Wangetti

The main focus here is on crocs, but they also have lots of other Australian wildlife. They feed and talk about both the saltwater crocodiles and the freshwater counterparts. You can take a guided tour of the crocodile farm and learn about how and why crocs are farmed in Australia. Take a boat ride around the lagoon and learn about these fascinating creatures, and enjoy lunch in the restaurant whilst you croc spot. But the highlight is the crocodile attack show – do not miss this.

hartleys crocodile adventures

Cairns Zoom & Wildlife Dome, Cairns

Whilst the dome has a smaller wildlife park, it is home to birds, reptiles, crocodiles, koalas and more animals. However, the main attraction here is the other activities that you can do whilst enjoying the wildlife, like climbing the dome for fabulous views of the city, or power jumping into the park. I did the mid zoom and the high zoom and they were both so much fun. Both consist of obstacle courses up in the air, above the animals – see them from a whole new perspective! The high zoom culminates in a zip wire over the enclosure for Goliath, their big old five meter saltie.

cairns zoom

Rainforestation, Kuranda

Venture up into the rainforest to see some wildlife in Kuranda. Again the wildlife park is fairly small here, but you can feed the kangaroos and see koalas, Tasmanian devils, wombats, cassowaries and more. There are also frequent guided tours through the wildlife area. Aside from the animals, you can also watch an Aboriginal dance show, learn to throw a boomerang, and travel through the swamp on an army duck admiring the local flora and fauna.


Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Kuranda

Whilst you’re in Kuranda, head to the largest butterfly sanctuary in Australia. Enjoy a guided tour showing how caterpillars are nurtured until they emerge from their cocoons and emerge as beautiful butterflies. Spot the iconic blue Ulysses and the pretty green Birdwing as you wander through their habitat. Well worth a visit.


These are just some of my favourites, although I know that there are a few others around that I haven’t checked out yet. Hopefully this has inspired someone to go and see some Aussie wildlife whilst you’re up in Far North Queensland. Next week I’ll be back to talk about sunset sailing in Port Douglas – a must whilst you’re in the area!

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