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Day Tripping Around Yungaburra

Day Tripping Around Yungaburra

I love living near the Tablelands, and when I first moved to Far North Queensland I went there every chance I could get, to explore new waterfalls and natural swimming holes. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way a little since then, so I haven’t been for ages. So when my friend asked if I wanted to go for a drive to Yungaburra, a cute village in the Tablelands, I jumped at the chance.

Our first stop was Curtain Fig Tree – an old heritage-listed tree with strangler vines that have grown to look like curtains. It occurred naturally from one tree leaning on another at a 45-degree angle, and as a result the strangler vines grew at an odd angle, creating the curtain effect. It really is amazing to see, and it’s located in a beautiful rainforest area.

curtain fig tree, yungaburra, tablelands, queensland

On our way there, I noticed on the map that there was a platypus viewing platform nearby, so of course this had to be our next stop. The platform is in Yungaburra, and looks over a creek where platypus’ live. Unfortunately we didn’t see any, as apparently the best time to spot them is at dusk or dawn. However, we did spot this cute little turtle soaking up some sun.


We had a little drive around the quaint little town of Yungaburra – I would love to spend more time there actually – and saw a sign for Gallo Dairyland. My friend had always wanted to go and it was just a short drive away, so off we went. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Gallo Dairyland is a magical place of chocolate and cheese. If you adore chocoate and/ or cheese, you cannot miss this if you’re in the area. I love both, so it was like heaven. It’s a chocolate and cheese farm, were you can go and see the animals, watch chocolate and cheese being made through a viewing room, enjoy food and drinks in the cafe, and purchase cheese and chocolate that has been made there.

As soon as I tried a sample of chocolate, I had to buy some. They have chocolates in an interesting variety of flavours, so I chose 8 to take home. I selected:

Pina Colada

Passion Fruit

Strawberry champagne

Rum and Raisin


Salted caramel

Irish cream

And 1 more, I can’t remember!

We also tasted so many different cheeses and I chose a smoked cheese to take home. I also picked up this cute cow print beer cosy because I just couldn’t resist!

goodies from gallo dairyland, tablelands

We started to head back and found ourselves in Atherton, a larger town with lots of interesting shops and things. The Crystal Caves caught our eyes, so we decided to go and have a look. It costs $25 per adult to have a look around, so in we went. The Crystal Caves are man-made caves showcasing a beautiful range of crystals, big and small, from all over the world.The creator of the caves has travelled far and wide over many years to build the collection, and it’s so impressive. I was pretty blown away by the place to be honest.

crystal caves, atherton tablelands

On the way home I was already excited for the next Tablelands adventure and discovering more of what this amazing area has to offer.

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