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From Port Douglas to Airlie Beach & Back Again

From Port Douglas to Airlie Beach & Back Again

I’ll be honest, I’m writing this one a whole week in advance, as by the time you read it I will be on holiday, and I’m not sure if I will have time. So, this is all about the trip that I will be on when this post goes live. Which, by the way, I will be live-updating you on via my brand new Instagram account. Please do follow and say hello.

So, basically as I write my partner (conor)’s parents are flying to Brisbane from Belgium. They will spend the next week driving up the coast to Airlie Beach to arrive on Sunday 28th (today as you’re reading it). So Conor and I are driving 690KM down the coast on Saturday 27th. Hopefully by the time that you’re reading this we will be in Airlie meeting up with his parents! Here is the plan.

Saturday 27th – Drive to Airlie Beach

According to Google Maps it’s an 8 hour drive, but obviously it will take a little longer. We’re planning to get up at 5am (gross, I know) and hit the road by 6. I hate getting up early but once I’ve got some caffeine in me I love these long adventures beginning early in the morning. Back when we lived in Leeds, England, we would drive to Belgium or Ireland to see Conor’s parents so it will be just like old times. My plan is to buy plenty of car snacks and make a big old flask of coffee before we leave. When we arrive we’re staying with friends for the first night, who we met when we were living and working at an Airlie Beach resort 2 years ago, so I’m pretty excited to see them again!


Sunday 28th – meet up with Conor’s parents

They should arrive around lunch time, so I’m sure we will all have a delightful reunion, followed by checking into a lovely hotel and grabbing a bite to eat together. I imagine we will have a fairly relaxed day mooching around Airlie.

Monday 29th – Boat cruise

We’re going out on providence to visit Whitehaven Beach and do some snorkelling. We did this a few times on a different boat when we were last here and I can’t wait to go back. Our old friend from when we were here before also works on the boat so I can’t wait to catch up with him.


Tuesday 30th – drive to Magnetic Island

I’ve never been to Magnetic Island and I am SO excited! I’ve heard amazing things of koalas in the wild, snorkel trails, and feeding wild rock wallabies at dusk. Basically it sounds like heaven to me.

Tuesday 1st

We’re not exactly sure what we’ll do here but I have a few ideas. They involve beaches, water, snorkelling, wildlife, and scenic walks.

Wednesday 2nd – Drive to Port Douglas

We’ll return to Port Douglas. Conor’s parents came here last year, which was the first time me and Conor had visited too. We fell so in love that the minute we got back to Melbourne we made arrangements to move up here one month later. Conor’s parents fell in love with Port too, so I know they’re dying to come back. They’ll be here for the next week and I’m actually excited to see Port Douglas through the eyes of a tourist again.

So that’s the plan, I’ll update you on how it goes. And any recommendations for Airlie Beach or Magnetic Island, let me know!

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