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To-Do List For Long-Term Travel

To-Do List For Long-Term Travel


Planning a long-term trip, whilst extremely exciting, can also be incredibly daunting and stressful. Three years ago I was planning my trip to Australia from England, which was originally only going to be one year. Whilst I couldn’t wait, I also lost a lot of sleep over worrying. Personally I like to make myself feel better by writing a big list to ensure that everything is completed in plenty of time. So I’ll share with you the list I used before coming here, and hopefully someone else will find it helpful when planning their long-term trip!

5-6 Months in advance

  1. Read emails from STA – obviously this depends who you have booked through, but STA sent me some super helpful emails. 

  2. Look at hostel options

  3. Book flights if you haven’t already

  4. Apply for any visas you may require if you haven’t already

4 Months in advance

Book hostel

  1. Research the must-see and must-do places and activities – time flies even on a long-term trip so you need to be organised.

  2. Find out about setting up a bank account in the country you are going to.

  3. Look at travel insurance and compare policies

  4. Look at global sim cards and other options

  5. Look at the travel blogs for tips

  6. Book transfers from airport

  7. Cancel gym membership or anything else you need to cancel before you leave

  8. Cancel your phone contract in your home country if necessary

  9. Print bank statements – you may be asked for proof of funds if you come to Australia

  10. Print Cvs – if you’re looking for a job when you arrive

  11. Print tickets and visas

  12. Print travel insurance docs

3 Months in advance

  1. Find out if you need to re-confirm your flights

  2. Buy plug adaptors if necessary

2 Months in advance

24. Inform your work place that you will be leaving – whilst this much notice may not be required, it’s just polite.

25. It’s a good idea to convert some cash into the currency of where you are going.

26. Check if you require any vaccinations and get these done.

1 Month to go

27. Start looking for jobs online if you plan to work

28. Book seats on plane

29. Set up bank account if needed

30. Arrange house viewings if you want to find somewhere to live

When you arrive – Australia-specific

31. Set up a tax file number as you will need this to work

32. If you plan to work in hospitality in Australia you will need to get your RSA before you arrive.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

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