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I turned 26!

I turned 26!

So 2 days ago was my birthday and I’m not 26 years old. I’m trying not to worry about being another year older this time around. This was my third birthday in Queensland and it’s crazy to think that I was just 23 when I left home in England to come to Aus – I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks! What’s also crazy is that time has been passing so quickly recently that I hardly had time to think about my birthday – it came and went before I knew it!

So how am I celebrating? I’ve been thinking about highlighting my hair for a while now so I finally went for it, and I love it. I asked for a sun kissed look and the results are perfect.


That was my main pressie from Conor and he got me a few little bits and bobs too: a beautiful smelling candle, some cute light socks that are suited to the tropical weather here, and a sleep mask for my flight to England.


Unfortunately I did have to go to work on my birthday but it was a nice early finish at 2pm. From there it was straight to the salon to get my hair done, then cocktails and prosecco with a girlfriend. I have to say by 9pm I found myself dreaming of being at home on my sofa under a blanket watching Netflix – is this what being 26 will be like?? Only time will tell.

There’s still more birthday celebrations to come – tomorrow myself, Conor, and some friends will drive up to Cooktown and go camping. We’re leaving super early as the drive will take around 4-5 hours. We’re going via the Bloomfield Track, a 4WD track. The plan is then to mooch around Cooktown, see Finch Bay, the lighthouse and lookout, and Endeavour Falls, then camp at Archer Point and head back the next morning. Then Tuesday night Conor and I will have a lovely dinner out before it’s back to work on Wednesday.

The last year has absolutely flown by for me, and I worry that the next year will be the same. Before I know it I’ll be an old lady in a rocking chair, so I figure the best thing I can do is fill these years with adventure and make beautiful memories.

See you next week when I’ll write all about our camping trip to Cooktown!

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