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Going home plans

Going home plans


After almost three years in Australia, I’m finally heading home to England for a five week visit. The funny thing about the five week time frame is that it seems like a really long time to be away from Port Douglas and from Conor, yet when I try to make all of my plans for home it doesn’t feel like I have time to do everything. It’s peculiar how time works like that.

I was determined to go home this year as I haven’t seen any family members and very few friends since leaving the UK in 2016. Another thing that solidified my decision to head back at this particular point is that I have two weddings in August. So what are my plans?

I leave Australia on 30/7 – just over one week away! I’m flying with Singapore Air and stopping at Singapore Airport for around 3 hours on the way there, and one hour on the way back. I’ve heard incredible things about this airline and airport so I will be sure to update you. Apparently the plane may even have wifi and a phone – I haven’t flown internationally since 2016 so I don’t know if this is normal these days, but I feel like I’m living in the future!

I land at Manchester Airport on Wednesday 31/7 in the morning, and my mum, dad, and stepdad will be there to meet me. I’m planning to take it fairly easy for the first two days – relax, settle in, catch up with family, and unpack.

On the Friday I’m going out for afternoon tea with my mum, sisters, and mum’s best friend. Yep, I’ve been away from England for that long that I must do the most British thing I can think of as soon as I get back! Seriously I have missed afternoon tea though, it’s not really a thing in Australia.

On the Saturday morning i’m going out for brunch with my sisters and our auntie, and then in the evening i’m going out for a meal with all of my siblings, my mum, stepdad, and grandad. I will be in various other parts of the country for most of the weekends so I need to fit a lot into this first one! The next day I will catch up with school friends for lunch or drinks.

I plan to spend much of the next week sorting through the hundreds of belongings I left at my parents house. I hope to bring some things that I’ve been missing back to Aus with me, and donate other things to charity. I am known to be a bit of a hoarder though, so it’s hard for me to part with things! That following weekend is the first wedding of the trip, so I’ll be heading to Yorkshire. I’m staying with a friend Friday-Sunday as she lives extremely close to the venue, and we can go together. However, I may sneak up to Leeds to catch up with some friends a couple of days before.

When I return from the wedding on Sunday 11th August I’m going to stay with my sister and her partner and dogs for a few days. She’s kindly booked a week off work to spend with me. I’m not sure exactly what we’ll get up to but it usually involves shopping, cocktails, and lots of food. I can’t wait to see her new house and meet her dogs – they look so cute and funny in the videos I’ve seen.

The following Thursday my dad is taking me and my sister all the way to Norfolk to visit my grandad and other family members who live there. It’s been about 4 years since I saw those relatives so i’m very excited. We’ll return to Manchester on Saturday 17th August.

After that I have a few days to relax and chill out at my parents house before wedding number two on the bank holiday weekend. I’ll travel to Wakefield on Saturday 24th, stay at a holiday inn, and go to the wedding the following day. I’m actually quite excited for two nights alone in a hotel – is that weird? I love staying in hotels, and I’m excited for some relaxing alone time. I already checked and it looks like there are bath tubs in each room so that’s my night sorted!

I’m unsure about what I will do after that. I’m tempted to spend another couple of days in Leeds following the wedding and then venture on to London for the end of the week, as I have a lot of friends there.

However if I don’t get back home until Sunday 1st August then I only have two full days before I’m off back to Aus! See what i mean – five weeks is such a short period of time!

I’ll try to continue to post every Sunday still whilst I’m there and keep everything up to date!

Til next week!


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