afternoon tea in Chester
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I’m Home!

I’m Home!

I’m posting a day late this week because it’s been a very busy few days since I got back to England for the first time in three years.

I flew with Singapore Air from Cairns to Manchester, which took around 24 hours. The flights were good with plenty of movies and TV to watch, tasty food, and comfortable seats. Overall I would recommend this airline.

singapore airport
Singapore airport

Everyone had told me that Singapore Airport was one of the best in the world. I was supposed to have three hours there, however due to a delay on my first flight I had around 2.It took half an hour to get from my first flight to my departure gate via the sky train. The sky train was amazing in terms of the view, however no one warned me about the smell. Singapore is a hot and humid place – even when I landed at midnight it was 29 degrees, so unfortunately there was a strong stench of sweat on the train. However I did enjoy wandering through the shops and food area with what little time I had, and even visited the butterfly garden.

singapore airport butterfly garden
Singapore Airport Butterfly Garden
Singapore airport butterfly garden
Singapore airport butterfly garden

When I left the UK for Aus in 2016, I didn’t get jet lag at all – I was fine. I wasn’t even tired despite not sleeping on the flight. However, they say it’s much worse when you go the other way. and sure enough shortly after landing and being reunited with my parents I began to feel off. This was my first experience of jet lag so it took me by surprise how awful I felt. Landing at about 9am meant that I had to struggle through the entire day.

Dessert table

After going out for coffee, surprising my sister at work, and enjoying lunch with my mum, dad, stepdad, brother and Grandad, I sleepily went home to try to feel better. I had a shower and a cup of tea which helped a bit, and then drank loads of water which seemed to do the trick. I had felt dehydrated on the plane, largely due to extreme turbulence meaning I couldn’t get any water for some periods of time, and rehydrating seemed to be the most helpful thing. By the time my sisters and their partners came round in the evening, I felt normal just a little tired.

afternoon tea in Chester
Afternoon tea in Chester

Since being back I have had family dinners, brunches with friends, afternoon teas – basically a whole lot of food! Not that I’m complaining. Today is a slightly more chilled out day for me to catch up on various things and be productive, followed by seeing my dad tonight. On Wednesday I will head to Leeds to catch up with friends, and from there I will go to Derbyshire for a wedding. I can’t wait for all of these exciting plans!

yorkshire pudding wrap
Yorkshire Pudding wrap!

It’s going to be a whirlwind trip home with plenty of lovely things going on and lots of friends and relatives to see. However, i’m hoping to post on Sunday as normal next week.

Til next time!


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