how to cope with jet lag
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Top Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Top Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

how to cope with jet lag

I first came to Australia from England in 2016 with my partner, Conor. Despite crossing several time zones on the 25-hour journey, and me barely being able to sleep on planes at all, neither of us experienced jet lag. We landed at around 10pm, and wanted to go out for a quick drink to celebrate our arrival. Well we were out until 3am drinking cocktails in Melbourne city centre. The next day, despite planning for a lie in, we were up at 9 eager to get started with our day. There was no tiredness.

I had heard that going back is worse, so I was hoping to avoid jet lag on my recent journey back to the UK, but no such luck. The horrendous jet lagged feeling lasted for most of my first day at home. After that it just took a while to start waking up at the appropriate time. Returning to Australia I definitely managed to avoid the worst of the jet lag and instead just woke up a bit earlier or later than expected on some days.

In future, jet lag is definitely something I would like to avoid at all costs, so I’ve been doing my research. Here are my top tips to avoid jet lag…

Stay hydrated

Take a bottle of water on the plane with you, and don’t hesitate to ask for more! During my flight back to England I wasn’t allowed to take water that I had purchased at Singapore airport on the Singapore – Manchester part of the journey. The turbulence was then so bad that even the cabin crew had to remain seated for a large portion of the flight. I was super thirsty after all this and i’m sure that that’s partially responsible for me feeling so bad.

Set your watch/ phone to your destination timezone

I always do this as soon as I get on the plane (I don’t want to do it too soon and accidentally get confused and miss my flight). Then sleep only when it’s a normal sleeping time in your destination.

Make your seat cosy

Whether you need to bring your own blanket, flight socks, a neck pillow, eye mask, or noise-cancelling headphones, make it as easy as possible to fall asleep on your flight.

Avoid napping when you arrive

Once you land, the time for sleeping has gone until it’s local night time.

Have a shower, brush your teeth, and change your clothes

This may be a no-brainer if your journey is as long as mine was. I always take my toothbrush and a mini toothpaste on long flights, as it makes me feel much fresher after a snooze. Showering and changing when you arrive will help you to feel fresh and ready for the day.

Eat meals at normal times

When you arrive, try to eat at all normal meal times and not in between. If you’re not hungry try to at least have something light.

I hope that this was helpful to anyone who may have a long-haul flight coming up!

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