window seat vs aisle seat
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Aisle Seat vs. Window Seat: The Great Debate

Aisle Seat vs. Window Seat: The Great Debate

window seat vs aisle seat
Jetting off to Australia in 2016

I’ve always been a window seat kind of person. It just feels a little more private and less exposed. I love looking out of the window at take off and landing, plus I’m terrible at sleeping on planes and I just always felt that it’s easier in a window seat. My partner Conor has always been an aisle seat kind of person, arguing that it’s much easier when you can get up to use the toilet or get a drink, particularly on long-haul flights. It took some time but I’ve been converted.

If you’ve read my post on flying with Singapore Airlines, you’ll know that on my recent trip back to the UK I was sat in a window seat, becoming dehydrated as everyone had to stay in their seats due to turbulence. Then even when we were allowed to move around the cabin again, I didn’t want to wake the sleeping strangers beside me. In fact, there were many points during that 14-hour flight when I wished that I could get up to get water, wine, or a snack, or use the bathroom, without disturbing anyone. By the time I returned to Aus five weeks later, I was determined to snag an aisle seat. It made things SO much easier. I also deduced that if i booked one in the middle column then the middle person would have a choice of two travellers to ask to move. This worked out perfectly as I was sat next to a couple, so I didn’t get asked to move once.

Of course, all of this could be avoided if I won the lottery and could afford to fly business class, however in the mean time I’ll be sticking with the aisle seat.

Everyone has their own view, so here are the best arguments for both sides, ignoring the middle seat because no one loves you middle seat, sorry.

Pros of the window seat

Get the best view out of the window at take off and landing

You’ll be cosier and less likely to be nudged by cabin crew or fellow passengers walking past

You can drift off more easily with a lovely plane wall to rest your pillow against

Nobody will be constantly asking you to let them past

Many parents opt to have their children sitting in aisle or middle seats, so you’re less likely to be disturbed by a child kicking your seat

You can enjoy more of a sense of privacy and forget about other passengers more easily

Pros of the aisle seat

You can stretch your legs out into aisle and enjoy some complimentary extra legroom.

You will get first pick of meals compared to other people in your row. I mean, the chances of the airline running out of your preferred option on your exact row is minimal but you never know.

You can enjoy a little more elbow space when you come to actually eating your food, too.

If, like me, you love to be one of the first off the plane (I’m always just excited to have reached my destination), then that’s much easier in the aisle seat.

It’s much easier to get up and visit the bathroom, stretch your legs, or get food and snacks from the galley. This a huge bonus for me.

Enjoy easier access to the overhead storage, should you wish to take items out of your hand luggage during your flight

So I got six point for each, which makes it pretty balanced. Yet everyone has their preference!

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