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A Lovely Day Out at Cape Tribulation

A Lovely Day Out at Cape Tribulation

Last week Conor and I decided to take a day trip to beautiful Cape Tribulation in the lush Daintree Rainforest, just a short drive from our home. A day in the Daintree is a must for anyone visiting Port Douglas and the surrounding area. The drive from Port is about 40 minutes to the ferry, which costs $30 return for 1 car. First on our agenda for the day was a Cape Triblation Wilderness Cruise to spot crocodiles in their natural habitat at Cooper’s Creek. However we arrived a little early so we headed to Cafe on Sea at Thornton Beach, just a few minutes further north to enjoy a delicious homemade pie with a stunning beach view. Can all days start like this please?

by the sea thronton beach
Pie with a view

Next it was time for our cruise. Cape Tribulation Wilderness Cruises are the only company with a license to do boat tours in this area of the Daintree, and it’s an excellent location for it.


Compared to other crocodile cruises I’ve done in  the surrounding area, it feels very unpretentious and no-frills. Just the simple boat creeping through the peaceful natural landscape observing crocodiles in their natural habitat. As soon as we sat down we realised that we had made a huge mistake in forgetting to bring insect repellent, but we put it out of our minds and enjoyed the trip.


The cruises last for one hour and the scenery is gorgeous. The driver talked about the crocodiles and their surrounding landscape, and we were lucky enough to spot a female crocodile resting on the banks of the creek.

crocodile at cape tribulation wilderness cruises
Can you spot the croc?

As we continued we heard a loud splash as we must have scared the only male croc in the creek, leading to him jumping into the water. Seconds later the huge male popped up on the other side of the boat and glided towards the other bank.


We loved this one-hour tour and I would definitely recommend it to anyone as a part of a trip to Cape Tribulation.


Next we headed to the Daintree Discovery Centre, a fascinating attraction that allows visitors to learn all about the flora and fauna of the Daintree, both past and present. Boardwalks lead you through the natural rainforest setting, where you can read plaques, see photos of the wildlife found here, and maybe even spot some animals in the wild. Some creatures, such as fish, snakes, and insects are kept here. Each visitor is given an audio guide which they can use for more information. We had visited previously with Conor’s family about 1.5 years ago, however we decided to come back and refresh our memories. It’s a fantastic introduction into the Daintree.

Our day ended with a Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour. Unfortunately we were sad to hear that six days after our visit a man died on the canopy tour and his partner was left with serious injuries. The tour is closed until further notice and I have decided not to go into detail about the jungle surfing experience today as a result of this news. Thoughts are with the friends and family of the deceased and injured.

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