ayers rock, or uluru, northern territory, australian outback
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10 Things I Love about Australia

10 Things I Love about Australia

ayers rock, or uluru, northern territory, australian outback

When I came to Australia in 2016, I didn’t know that I would fall in love with the country and want to stay much longer. There are so many things that I love about Australia, but here are my top ten…

1.It’s so diverse

Australia is huge, and the more places that I visit within the country, the more places I want to visit. There’s so much to explore. With vibrant major cities, small rural towns, relaxed beach suburbs, and quirky towns, there’s really somewhere for anyone to fall in love with.

sydney harbour bridge and opera house

2.The weather

The weather obviously varies between different states and changes with the seasons, however in general Australia gets much more sun than the UK. I love the warm sunny weather, and the activities that allows. Whilst the south of Australia is chilly in the winter, the north offers beautiful winter weather. When wet season hits the tropical north, you can escape for a hot and drier summer in the south.

flagstaff hill lookout port douglas

3.The people

Of course, as with any nation, the people are diverse. However Australians are known for being friendly and laid-back, and when you spend time with people like that it’s infectious. Plus, Australians face major disasters such as cyclones, bushfires, and droughts every year, and they group together to get through it. Watching people on the news who have just lost their home and all of their possessions saying that they’re still lucky for what they do have is inspiring. The tough times show the true Australian spirit.

4.High minimum wage

Australia has a high minimum wage, so it’s easier to earn and save money compared to many other countries. Arguably, a lot of things are more expensive here compared to the UK, but I find that the higher wages more than make up for that. As with most countries, things like rent can be high in major cities, but smaller towns are much cheaper.

5.The outdoor lifestyle

The weather and beautiful scenery give rise to a plethora of outdoor activities. I never realised how much I love being outdoors until I got here! Chasing waterfalls, sunbathing at the beach, swimming in creeks, and hiking through beautiful surroundings are just some of the activities that Australians love to enjoy.

lake bellfield the grampians

6.Outstanding natural beauty

From world-famous coral reefs, to the iconic Ayers Rock, stunning mountain ranges, to cascading waterfalls and desert landscapes, Australia has so many gorgeous natural assets.


7.The wildlife

Whilst i’m not the biggest fan of huge spiders, venomous snakes, and deadly jellyfish in the wild, Australia is home to a fascinating and diverse range of wildlife. Zoos and wildlife parks allow you to cuddle koalas, feed kangaroos, and see deadly animals up close. I love staying at campsites with kangaroos hopping nearby and koalas sleeping in the trees. Not to mention spotting cassowaries amongst beaches and rainforests. Whilst I wouldn’t like a close-up encounter with a crocodile, it’s exciting to see these wonderful creatures from a safe distance.

camel farm, auers rock, uluru, northern territory, australia


From iconic beaches such as Bondi, to more secluded spots, Australia’s beaches are amazing. I love living just a 5-minute walk from the beautiful beach, as many Australians do.



The size and landscape of Australia makes it a perfect place for roadtrips, whether you just have time for a weekend getaway, or a year-long adventure. There are plenty of campsites and caravan parks, some of which are free, so there’s always somewhere to stay!

australia road trip

10.A day off can feel like a holiday

Even if you only have a single day off, you can spend it out in the sun, swimming in the pool, or sunbathing at the beach with an ice cream. End the day with sunset cocktails and a delicious dinner at an award-winning restaurant, and it’s just like a mini holiday!

swimming pool with floaties in port douglas

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