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Christmas Plans 2019

Christmas Plans 2019


It’s that time of year again! In England Christmas was easily my favourite time of the year, however when you’re abroad it’s a struggle to enjoy it quite as much. It’s hard to feel Christmassy in a place that doesn’t embrace the festive season in the same way, and where Christmas is in the summer time. It’s been difficult to create new Christmas traditions when we spend Christmas day with different people every year.

I am excited about one thing – this is our fourth Christmas in Australia, and the first time that we can re-use our Christmas decorations from last year. Because we moved around a lot the first couple of years that we were here, we were always giving away our Christmas decorations and replacing them. However, we have more stability now. I’ve decided to put the decorations up in November (controversial, I know), as we will be away for about ten days at the start of December.

Last year we took a trip to a friend’s private beach for a week in December, and this year we’re going camping instead. We will drive down to Paluma Range National Park near Townsville, where we will spend 3-4 days fishing, swimming, hiking, and chasing waterfalls. Then we will head up the coast, possibly spend a night in Cardwell, stay in Rollingstone for 2 nights, and then finish up with a couple of nights in the Atherton Tablelands. As a bonus we’re also having a 2-night camping trip next week with some friends at Mount Carbine, where we can fish, swim, and relax.

As for Christmas day itself, we seem to get adopted by a different family every year, and this time it’s our pal James’ turn. His partner Emma is visiting family so James’ parents are coming up to cook Christmas dinner for the three of us . Unfortunately I do have to work on Boxing Day, so Christmas Day may be a little less boozy than it usually is. One tradition that we have kind of kept is our Christmas mornings. We wake up, I make us both a cup of tea, then we open Christmas presents in the living room. Then we get ready for the day and head off to wherever we’re going.

I’ll be posting about our December mini break, and some other Christmassy posts over the next few weeks 🙂

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