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2019 Year review

2019 Year review


It’s that time of the year again when I look back at the last 12 months and consider whether I met the goals that I made for myself one year earlier, and set goals for the new year.

Last year I wrote a similar post, evaluating 2018 and setting goals for 2019.

These were the goals that I set for myself:

Make sure that I visit England for a month – I managed to visit for 5 weeks. It was long overdue and I managed to go to two weddings and catch up with a lot of people, so I’m really glad that I could make it happen.

Renew my Australia visa – Last January Conor and I got in touch with our immigration lawyers to try to get the process started early. However, here we are in late December and still no visa. On the other hand we are still in Australia and the visa process is in the works so fingers crossed.

Visit my pals in Melbourne – sadly I didn’t get to do this. However, I have a wedding in Melbourne next year so I’m determined to go back then.

Travel somewhere new (in Aus or elsewhere) – I made it to one new place which was Magnetic Island with Conor and his parents – it was lovely. I also visited a couple of new places that are closer to Port Douglas for short camping trips – Archer Point and the Mitchell River. 

Cut down on my plastic use – save the sea life! – I think that I have made some progress in this area – I don’t use plastic shopping bags or plastic water bottles at all, and I traded my plastic toothbrush for a bamboo alternative. I haven’t yet made the switch to beeswax wrap instead of clingfilm, however I do buy the recycled option, as well as biodegradable rubbish bags. There is still a ways to go but I am definitely much more conscious of waste.

Cut down on food waste – I think just being a little more conscious about this helps. However, there are good and bad weeks if I’m being honest – often I freeze everything that I won’t use before it expires, and other weeks I completely forget.

Continue to grow my blog – Whilst my blog does have more readers now, and I have been posting regularly every Sunday (except for a few particularly busy weeks), I’ve decided that it is more of a hobby for me, so i’m less concerned with growing it into a business.

Start working out again, at least 3 times per week – I began the year really well in terms of fitness. Aside from a few lazy weeks, I worked out at least three times per week consistently until I went back to England at the end of July. At that point I could see the results of my progress, however I was so busy whilst I was there that I stopped working out, and haven’t started again. I hope to get started again in the new year.

Highlights of 2019

Bringing in the new year drinking at a bar instead of working at one for the first time in 3 years.

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef three times, including facing my fears and doing an introductory dive with Diver’s Den.


Roadtripping from Port Douglas to Airlie Beach, and back again via Magnetic Island with Conor and his parents.  Trip part 1  Trip part 2

Taking on new freelance clients which has allowed me to charge more and write about travel often, also increasing my freelance writing income.

Visiting my friends and family in England, and attending two beautiful weddings.

afternoon tea in Chester

Conquering my fear of flying longhaul alone on the above trip.

Two amazing camping trips to Archers Point and the Mitchell River.

cooktown foreshore, far north queensland

A few little adventures around Port Douglas and the surrounding area, including crocodile-spotting cruises, sunset cruises, jungle-surfing, and taking the Kuranda Scenic Rail and Skyrail. 

Downsides of this year were:

The stress over my pending visa application to stay in Australia for another two years.

Not getting to visit my friends in Melbourne

Some close friends leaving Port Douglas

Not being able to do my December camping trip due to car trouble.

Looking forward to the year ahead, here are some of my goals:

Begin working out frequently again

Writing – Aim to get my writing published on some travel websites – I’m aiming for 10 by the end of the year.

Begin a new writing venture – I have a couple of ideas, including a written online series, or maybe even writing a book.

Using my time more productively – recently I have frequently found myself whiling away the hours playing pointless games on my phone. I want to use that time for either writing, researching, or even just going outside and doing things instead. Basically just something else.

Start meditating – I have considered this for years, and I think that 2020 will finally be the year.

In terms of travel, I would love to go back to Ireland in August for Conor’s sister’s wedding, however I need to ask for time off work first. Like last year, I would also love to visit somewhere new, and I’m excited to take some camping trips with the new gear that Conor and I bought for the cancelled trip.

Diving – I would love to become a certified diver before my dad and his partner visit in November next year.

Home – I would like to continue to make some little home improvements. It’s limiting living in a fully-furnished rental, but there are definitely improvements to be made.

Visa – I hope that the visa I’ve been working towards for the last year finally comes through, and I can stay in Australia for another two years.

Driving – This year I finally started driving alone to and from work, and I would like to continue to improve my driving and gain confidence.

I think that 2020 is really a year for me to work on myself and work towards my goals, creating the life I want. This year I have faced several fear – diving, driving, flying alone, and it feels amazing. It feels like I can do things if I just try, so 2020 is about pushing myself more.




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