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Preparing a Storm Kit for Wet Season

Preparing a Storm Kit for Wet Season

tropical storm

When you’re living in the tropics, a storm kit is essential in wet season. After Conor and I got caught out in a storm when hiking in 2018, we began to prepare a storm pack for the home. It’s not uncommon to lose power and/ or water during a storm, and in some instances you may be without for several days. Not to mention, stormy weather can also prevent supermarkets from receiving their deliveries. We found that when there was a cyclone warning the shelves we’re bare, particularly in the bottled water section. Therefore it’s best to prepare well in advance, rather than when you receive the weather warning.

So what’s in our storm kit?

Gas stoves – ok, so these art actually part of our camping gear, however we move them from storage to the apartment whenever a storm is looming. If you have an electric oven, this may be the only way that you can cook.

Dry food – If your fridge loses power, you will need dry goods, including those that you can cook on a gas burner. We stock up on pasta, rice, sauces, and soup just in case. We also keep snacks such as biscuits and crisps in.

Lamps/ torches – Again, we have these for camping, however they’re always out of the cupboard and ready to use if a storm starts to hit. My favourite is a head-torch, particularly if you’re attempting to cook in the dark.

Spare batteries for torches – I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Candles – again, a handy source of light in the absence of electricity.

Water – we buy two large containers of drinking water at the start of wet season just in case we need them!

A battery charger – it’s nice to feel connected to the world, and let others know that you’re OK during severe weather, so a charger will allow your phone to stay full of juice for a little while longer.

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