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5 Things to know about getting sponsored in Australia

5 Things to know about getting sponsored in Australia

port douglas 4 mile beach

Many travellers, like myself, visit Australia on working holiday visas, planning to stay for just a year. Then we decide to do our rural work to get a second year. And once that year ends, we sometimes want to stay longer – this can be tricky. There are several options, one being finding a job that will sponsor you. I naively thought that if you could find a workplace that wanted to sponsor you then everything else would be easy. I was wrong. There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in this area, so here are five things that you may not know about getting sponsored in Australia. Information is correct at time of writing, 10th January 2020.

1. It’s easier to get sponsored in rural areas than cities

Conor an I were originally living in Melbourne, and wondering whether or not sponsorship would happen. When we came up to Port Douglas on holiday, we were made aware that it’s much easier to find sponsorship in these more rural areas, as the businesses genuinely struggle to find people. This is a little different depending on what area you’re in. Your employer also has to prove that the person they are sponsoring was the best applicant for the job, which gets a little more difficult in large cities with hundreds of applicants for each position. New laws and policies that came about in 2019 focuses on sponsoring more people in rural areas, and less in cities.

2.You need qualifications and/ or experience

Generally two years of full-time experience is required alongside a relevant qualification. The qualification may be substituted for a further three years of experience. In the past, it seemed that references were accepted as proof, however these days payment summaries and payslips are required alongside references.

3.Sponsorship may or may not lead to permanent residency

Depending on the position you are being sponsored in, your employer may be able to sponsor you for two or four years. You may be then be able to renew that sponsorship, and may or may not be eligible to apply for permanent residency. Thanks to the regional sponsored migration scheme, those being sponsored in rural areas can apply for permanent residency once they have sufficient experience, with the sponsorship of their employer or the state.

4.Many immigration lawyers offer a free 1 hour consultation

With so much confusion and incorrect information going around, the best thing to do is always to speak to an immigration lawyer who can assess your situation and figure out a pathway to residency. This is what we did – I called multiple lawyers who each had different suggestions, and went with the lawyer who provided the most preferable option.

5.The laws change all the time

Back in 2018, Conor and I sought legal advice on the topic of sponsorship in Melbourne. 2 months later when we had moved to Port Douglas and were ready to begin applying, the laws had changed making it more difficult. However in 2019, more law changes made it easier to get sponsored in rural areas. This is another reason why I feel that it’s always best to go through a lawyer, as they will always be up-to-date with the latest changes.

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