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January review

January review


I missed a post last week, and honestly it’s because I really haven’t been up to much this month. I prefer to write about my latest adventures but there haven’t been any. How boring, I know. It’s partially because the west season is now upon is in Far North Queensland, rendering outdoor activities risky, and partially because I’ve been saving money and working away. Last year I began the year by doing these monthly review posts every month, and then I gave up and just did one halfway through the year and one at the end of 2019. I’m not going to do one every month this year, but at this point I felt like checking in with myself about where I’m at with my goals for the year.

So here were my goals…

Begin working out frequently again – I am glad to say that I have been working out a couple of times per week, and I plan to continue this.

Writing – Aim to get my writing published on some travel websites – I’m aiming for 10 by the end of the year. This hasn’t happened yet, but it’s definitely something I want to pursue.

Begin a new writing venture – I have a couple of ideas, including a written online series, or maybe even writing a book. Again, I haven’t began this but I do really want to.

Using my time more productively – recently I have frequently found myself whiling away the hours playing pointless games on my phone. I want to use that time for either writing, researching, or even just going outside and doing things instead. Basically just something else. Hmm this is a tough one… I have still spent/ wasted a lot of time playing games on my phone, but I think less so… still there are definitely more improvements to be made here.

Start meditating – I have considered this for years, and I think that 2020 will finally be the year. Again, it hasn’t happened yet.

In terms of travel, I would love to go back to Ireland in August for Conor’s sister’s wedding, however I need to ask for time off work first. Like last year, I would also love to visit somewhere new, and I’m excited to take some camping trips with the new gear that Conor and I bought for the cancelled trip. We’re still in the process of figuring out the Ireland trip. We were going to take a camping trip but the wet season had other plans, so this is on hold for now.

Diving – I would love to become a certified diver before my dad and his partner visit in November next year. This one is a little way off at the moment.

Home – I would like to continue to make some little home improvements. It’s limiting living in a fully-furnished rental, but there are definitely improvements to be made. I have bought new bedding which was a big one. I also had some plant pots that I wasn’t using so I have bought fake leaves and decorative stones, and plan to make some fake plant pieces in the next few days. Plus I have a few more plans up my sleeve.

Visa – I hope that the visa I’ve been working towards for the last year finally comes through, and I can stay in Australia for another two years. WE GOT THE VISA – woo! And we had a lovely time celebrating with some pals.

Driving – This year I finally started driving alone to and from work, and I would like to continue to improve my driving and gain confidence. Well i’m still only driving to and from work, but I have been forced to get used to driving in the rain. Definitely more improvements to be made here.

So overall my main achievements of January include getting my visa, getting a new freelance writing client, and buying new bedding. Hopefully February will be the month to start on a few more of these goals…


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