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Top 5 items to pack for summer in the tropics

Top 5 items to pack for summer in the tropics


Visiting the tropics at any time of year is amazing. In the winter you can look forward to clear blue skies, and not a raindrop in site. In the summer, or the wet season, you could be thrown from hot and sunny to tropical storm and back again within a few hours. That doesn’t mean that you should be put off – just come prepared. Here are the top five items to pack for summer in the tropics.

1. A light raincoat

When it rains it pours, and an umbrella is simply pointless. A light raincoat won’t keep you completely dry, but it’s your best option. Choose a light one, as whatever the weather you can guarantee it’s going to be hot!

2.Insect repellent

The mosquitoes and flies are likely to be going crazy at this time of the year – armour up before you ever leave the house or you’ll be covered in itchy red bites for the plane ride home.

3.Hair serum

That humidity can make your hair go crazy, so come prepared!


Aside from air con, one of the best ways to cool down is by jumping into a pool or waterhole – don’t even think about braving a tropical summer without swimwear.

5. Sun cream

When it’s not raining, the sun can be strong – don’t risk it!

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