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Sailaway Sunset Cruise Port Douglas

Sailaway Sunset Cruise Port Douglas

sailaway sunset cruise port douglas


Earlier this month, before the Coronavirus pandemic got quite so out of hand, I was lucky enough to go on a sunset cruise with Sailaway, along with my friend Izzy who was visiting from the UK. Having previously enjoyed Sailaway’s outer reef day trip, I already knew that they were a small family owned business who offer a more luxurious option for those wishing to visit the Great Barrier Reef of simply take a sunset cruise.

Whilst they may not be running as usual at present, i’m sure that they will be back to normal once it is safe to do so. Usually the boat leaves daily at 5pm, with boarding at 4:45. As we boarded we could see that the boat was a large luxury catamaran with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. It was quite busy on the evening that we went but there was still plenty of spaces to choose from to sit or stand. We were greeted by friendly staff and asked to take off our shoes, which is common on boat trips here. We headed inside where we were offered a free drink – there were several options including beer, wine, sparkling wine, and soft drinks. There was a table full of tasty looking canapes including rice paper rolls, arancini balls, and thai fish cakes. We grabbed a few and found a comfortable space to sit on the front deck.

We had selected an evening with perfect weather, so it was lovely to relax and enjoy the cruise with gorgeous views as we sipped our drinks. The staff brought snacks around to us and were happy to take orders and carry drinks over too. The cruise lasted for an hour and a half, returning to Port Douglas at 6:30pm, and we both loved the entire experience.

The cruise is adults only, and at the time I visited (March 2020) cost $68.25. This may sound expensive for a 1.5 hour cruise, but personally I think it was worth it. It feels like a very special, luxurious experience – a treat. The food and complimentary beverage that are included also up the value for money. It would be a perfect way to spend an evening if you visit Port Douglas on holiday, and want to soak up the relaxing vibes of the area. It would also be ideal for someone looking for a special way to spend a birthday or other occasion.


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