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The Corona Diaries 3: What will we become?

The Corona Diaries 3: What will we become?


Here is Australia the government have turned to discussing the ‘road out’ – a gradual return to something resembling life as we knew it. But do you ever wonder what lasting impacts this will have on people? I’m not talking about loss of income or health, but the way we think. I imagine it will feel strange the next time we shake a stranger’s hand, or leave the house without sanitiser in our pockets. Will Corona breed a generation of people who naturally retain some of those social distancing practices? People who don’t shake hands or hug all that often? Will our children’s children wonder why we’re all so obsessed with using hand sanitiser, or why we always insist on buying toilet paper before we get to our last roll? Will we all become doomsday preppers?

Will our attitudes towards money change? I think many already have. Everyone had their habits before – they either naturally saved money each week, or spent it all, much of it going on non-necessities. But now I deem people to be lucky if the money they’re getting in covers their rent/ mortgage, food, and bills. It’s often said that rent should be no more than about 25% of your income, however many of us are spending 50% or more of our income on rent now. Will we feel like millionaires when we earn our normal wages again, and be more inclined to save?

Most of us made decisions at some point that we wouldn’t have made if we knew that this was going to happen, yet we never considered for a second that it might. Previously booking a cruise seemed like a wonderful idea for many people, yet those stuck on cruise ships have had a terrible time, and many of us may never book one again thanks to corona. Will we ever be able to book holidays without wondering what would happen if a worldwide pandemic broke out? Will we all start applying for jobs in ‘essential’ industries for extra job security?

We may be looking at the road out, but it’s a long and winding road, and we may never be quite the same again.

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