travel activities to do from home
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10 Lockdown Activities for Travellers

10 Lockdown Activities for Travellers


travel activities to do from home

For those of us who suffer from itchy feet and a need to satisfy our wanderlust, lockdown is less than ideal. Many of us have had to cancel trips, or postpone travel plans in favour of staying indoors. It looks like wherever you are in the world, it will be a while before international travel resumes. Here in Australia, most people seem to think that it won’t be until next year, with the exception of possibly New Zealand. It really dampens the spirit of travellers, and for many of us we’re also experiencing extreme boredom. So here are 10 lockdown activity ideas for travellers.

1. Plan your next trip. It might be some time off, and sure you can’t book anything yet. But trips take a lot of planning, so do it now whilst you have free time. Then when you can finally go, your itinerary will be ready!

2.Travel blogging. Write about past trips, or even day trips, restaurants, hotels that you visited. Try writing for weekend notes or even pitching to have your travel articles printed on other websites or in magazines. Consider writing Tripadvisor reviews of places that you visited, as these will prove extremely valuable to the businesses when they are allowed to re-open.

3.Go through all of your old travel photos. Edit them. Post them on Instargram, Pinterest, or a blog. Create beautiful artwork for your home with your travel photos and souvenirs.

4.Travel the world from home. Thanks to technology, you can now virtually explore places that are thousands of miles away without getting out of bed. Museums like the British Museum in London, Musee d’Orsay in ParisNational Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C offer incredible virtual tours that will try to heel your itchy feet. So thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can travel the world without leaving your home.

5. Watch Youtube travel videos, and read travel blogs for another virtual way to explore a new place. Scroll through travel photos on Instagram, or pick up a travel book.

6.Learn a new language, using an app such as Duolingo. By the time you can travel, you’ll have perfected the basics of the local language of your next destination.

7.Write a bucket list! Hopefully we will never take travel for granted again after this, and we will want to make the most of being able to see the world. Make a list of places and activities, so you can begin crossing them off when restrictions are lifted.

8.Watch a travel-related movie or series. Long way round is one of my favourites that inspires me to see the world every time I watch it!

9.Do some online shopping. If you can afford to, then there’s nothing to stop you from buying travel gadgets in preparation for your next trip, or travel-related pieces for your home.

10.Make video-edits of your past trips. If you love filming, or you’re glued to your GoPro, create some fun video edits with all of that footage that you’ve collected.



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