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How to help Australian bushfire victims

How to help Australian bushfire victims Over the last few months, bushfires have raged and spread across Australia, causing devastation to people, animals, and communities, and shocking people all over the world. It may feel like there's not much you can do from far away, however there are several ways in which we can all… Continue reading How to help Australian bushfire victims

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5 Things to know about getting sponsored in Australia

5 Things to know about getting sponsored in Australia Many travellers, like myself, visit Australia on working holiday visas, planning to stay for just a year. Then we decide to do our rural work to get a second year. And once that year ends, we sometimes want to stay longer - this can be tricky.… Continue reading 5 Things to know about getting sponsored in Australia

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Preparing a Storm Kit for Wet Season

Preparing a Storm Kit for Wet Season When you're living in the tropics, a storm kit is essential in wet season. After Conor and I got caught out in a storm when hiking in 2018, we began to prepare a storm pack for the home. It's not uncommon to lose power and/ or water during… Continue reading Preparing a Storm Kit for Wet Season

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5 Rainy Day Activities in Port Douglas

5 Rainy Day Activities in Port Douglas   Visiting Port Douglas during the dry season often means endless clear, sunny days filled with beach trips, reef trips, and Daintree tours. However, many visitors choose to make their way to Port Douglas during the wet season, particularly in school holidays. On a particularly rainy day, this… Continue reading 5 Rainy Day Activities in Port Douglas

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Plot Twist – Port Douglas Staycation

Plot Twist - Port Douglas Staycation With two weeks off work, Conor and I had been planning a camping trip for some time, even purchasing an awesome new tent, second awning for the car, and a huge esky. However, disaster struck and our car radiator developed a leak. There was no chance of repairing the… Continue reading Plot Twist – Port Douglas Staycation

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Camping by the Mitchell River

Camping by the Mitchell River Earlier this week, Conor and I set off with a few friends for a 2-night camping trip. We headed to a remote bush camping area on the banks of the Mitchell River, close to Cooktown Crossing, approximately a 1.5-hour drive from Port Douglas. After stopping for an obligatory beverage at… Continue reading Camping by the Mitchell River

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Christmas Plans 2019

Christmas Plans 2019 It's that time of year again! In England Christmas was easily my favourite time of the year, however when you're abroad it's a struggle to enjoy it quite as much. It's hard to feel Christmassy in a place that doesn't embrace the festive season in the same way, and where Christmas is… Continue reading Christmas Plans 2019